"If you can achieve one pose, that is enough. It may sound easy, but in how many poses are we really comfortable and steady? Before we can relax the mind and bring more balance into our lives we need to work on the physical body by using yoga practices such as posture work and breath control.”

-The Yoga Sutras of Pantajali (Book two, Chapter 46)





































Welcome to YOGAglow!      


YogaGlow offers group and private classes at the following locations:

Three Oaks Arts and Education Center

14 Maple St. Three Oaks, Mi.

Fernwood Botanical Gardens

Buchanan, Mi.

See Schedule page for class descriptions, Teacher link for my bio, and News   link for workshops and my scrapbook of past and upcoming special events. I am also available for private instruction and special events such as retreats, reunions, and weddings. Please call if you have any specific questions or concerns about taking a class.



Mindfulness in Nature Workshops
Every third Saturday 1-4pm

September 16, October 21, November 18
Register here.


Each month we explore what happens to our brains and bodies when we commune with nature, following a different theme. We will look at how can we apply embodied rituals and mindfulness practices using nature as both container and catalyst to enhance both meaning and pleasure in our everyday lives and relationships. These practices may include meditaiton, mandala-making, expressive writing, and body-mapping.

Join Deirdre Guthrie, yoga teacher and Well-being Research Professor at The University of Notre Dame for a workshop open to yogis of all genres and experience levels.


1-1:15pm Introductions
1:15-2:30pm Gentle yoga (no experience necessary) and Body Scan

2:45-3:15pm Dharma Talk
3:15-4pm Circle Practice and Closing

$35/$28 (members)


Welcome Message from Deirdre Guthrie,

Director of YOGAglow

I think of yoga as a living poem I create with my body each time I step onto the mat. And like confronting the blank page, there are days when it can feel intimidating or exhilarating.

During practice I feel tendrils of sensation awakening in my body which may feel achy, poky, electric, or warm and glowing. Currents of prana (life force) ebb and flow with my breath. On a mental level I may be distracted by samskaras (those pesky karmic traces) or what Virginia Woolf calls "atoms as they fall upon the mind." All of this is what it is to be alive!

When I feel disconnected or the monkey-mind is really rattling in its cage, I use tools like mantra (sacred sounds like the Bij mantra SAT NAM) or drishti (visual focal points) to regain focus. Or I simply wait for the thoughts to run themselves out like wild horses, kicking up clouds of dust until they are spent. And then spontaneously, when I'm ready to let go of the struggle, it's there, glimpses of santosha, sweet contentment.

Whatever brings you to this practice of yoga, welcome to YogaGlow. May we offer up a space for you to deepen a connection with yourself, others, and our world.

Deepest Shanti,


Anchored yet rootless, the beach Mangrove.


"Deirdre is a wonderful teacher with a great deal of yoga knowledge. She is extremely good at catering to her students' needs. We loved every second of her class!"

~Julia Van Nice

"Deirdre makes you feel comfortable no matter what

your level of experience is."

~Ann Christenson

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to practice yoga

here with a spirited, encouraging, and experienced teacher!"

~Kristyn Kauchak                             

Asana: A yoga posture that brings comfort and steadiness

kooky poseHatha Yoga: Ha means "sun" and tha means "moon." So hatha yoga is the union of pairs of opposites. In yoga this means in each physical pose, and in the breath itself, opposing energies combine, forces of expansion and contraction, combine.

In yoga we activate these principles as we seek to bring balance into our lives and bodies.

If you are curious about yoga and its benefits, I encourage you to explore the Tibetan rites as an introduction to some central yoga dynamics. Here is a link to a worksheet that includes helpful modifications.


The physical practice of yoga was originally developed to prepare the body, and especially the nervous system, for stillness in meditation. The ancient sages understood that a calm mind requires discipline and strength. They developed asana as one limb on an eight-limb path called ashtanga.